COOK: amazing grass smoothie // my breakfast every single day

amanda macy hall amazing grass smoothie everyday breakfast


Green breakfast smoothies {M1 if you follow a 5-6 meal nutrition plan} have been a part of my routine for over 3 years – they taste great, are easy to digest in the morning, simple to create and easy to drink in the car on my way to work. I’ve been through many different recipes {see other recipes here} but this one has been the routine staple for the majority of the time.

The main ingredient is Amazing Meal protein, this is a product from Amazing Grass – a cute, cute, cute organic green superfood company. Their products are carried at WholeFoods and in some Publix stores or you can become a GrassHead {like me!} and get the protein powder on autodelivery with a sweet discount. I like the product because it is a plant-based protein that already has tons and tons of good-for-you green stuff already mixed in! Lots of greens, lots of superfoods and lots of probiotics. I will warn you – the taste does take some getting used to – it is on the more ‘earthy’ side of taste spectrum. {To help get acclimated, blend 1/2 a frozen banana into your smoothie – magic!}


everyday smoothie amanda macy hallBLEND TOGETHER:

1 Scoop Amazing Grass Amazing Meal in Vanilla Chai {or flavor of your choice}
1-2 Cups Organic Baby Spinach
2-3 Organic Berries – right now I am using organic strawberries but I have used peaches, mangoes, pineapple and raspberries before
8 Ounces Ice Water {3 ice cubes tends to be plenty for thickness}
1/2 Frozen Banana – optional – If you tend to be VERY hungry in the morning this addition tends to do the trick

TIME-SAVING TIP: Pre-pack your smoothie ingredients into plastic baggies and store in the freezer {I make 7 baggies every Sunday evening}. Each morning I dump one bag into the blender with 8 ounces of ice water and blend. Your healthy, filling and super nutritious breakfast is ready in under two minutes! {Plus, these baggies travel well when kept on ice.}

Switch up your frozen fruit choice week-to-week!
Top your smoothie with unsweetened coconut flakes!
Use Unsweetened Almond Milk or Coconut Water in place of the ice water!
Sneak in 2 teaspoons of pure cocoa powder or Almond Butter!
For a thicker smoothie that you can eat with a spoon and top with tons of fruit and granola try blending in chia seeds.

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