sweet and spicy wonderfulness

Saturday morning Josh and I walked over to The Sugar Shack…a.k.a. little home of wonderfulness. It is located on Peachtree next to Pub 71, Hudson Grille, Cook’s Warehouse in Brookhaven, conveniently just steps away from my lovely new home. http://www.metrocafes.com/sugarshack/

We walk in and my ADD takes over instantly- cases of brightly colored cupcakes and cakes and muffins, cute chalkboards listing their spectacular menu, great decor and a sweet chef that steers us in the right ordering direction.

Which means that I got the. most. awesome. greek. yogurt. EVER. Made right here in Atlanta…so fresh, so clean. And it comes in crazy flavors. Please let me introduce you to the Atlanta Fresh Artisan Creamery: http://www.atlantafresh.com/index.html I took a walk on the wild side (for me at least) and chose the Mango, Pineapple, Habenero flavor (yes, I know the pic is a different flavor, sry). YUMMM! Flavor explosion! You must try it! You just HAVE to!

Not to be outdone, Josh ordered an egg, roasted red pepper and goat cheese breakfast panini sandwich. Enter…another flavor explosion! Absolutely wonderful…I would like to have that sweet red pepper and goat cheese on everything that I consume from now on please. Too bad that won’t happen, but I am inspired to throw a little bit of those 2 perfecto ingredients into my next meal….we will see what I come up with! 🙂

So, go to the Sugar Shack and get the Atlanta Fresh Greek Yogurt and….everything else they sell. ($1 coffee every morning from 8 a.m.- 10 a.m.) Enjoy! 🙂


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