white wall rooms and those hopes & dreams

This past week I had the opportunity to go to the 2014 Design Bloggers Conference – I was in attendance as a corporate sponsor, not a design blogger. But goodness if the experience didn’t get my mind thinking back to this site and my first blog, ‘What Hopes & Dreams Are Made Of.’ I had so much fun with that blog – it was an escape, an outlet, an adventure. A little place in the online world to post about my silly and serious ‘hopes & dreams.’

hopes & dreams : white wall bathroom{ clean and crisp glossy white subway tiles cover every inch of the walls in this bathroom giving it such bright life and height. + the gold hardware is perfect // myparadissi.com }

As the blogging world blew up so did the pressures to only create perfect perfect perfect posts. This timing also coincided with planning a wedding and building my ‘career life’. That little online spot of ‘Hopes & Dreams’ fell to the wayside from time to time. The Design Bloggers Conference allowed me the chance to meet new friends, one of these new friends {who can be found here} encouraged me to pick up my blog again and to start implementing its original intentions.

hopes & dreams : white walls living room{ i share with many people a deep love for painted white brick. the exact and intentional lines in this room allow haphazard stacks and clusters to have such full purpose // archiproducts.com }

Those original intentions were simple: to post whatever may be considered a ‘hope’ or a ‘dream’ at the time. A new recipe, fun workout, great outfit, inspirational words or a fabulous room – anything that I ‘hoped to create myself’ or ‘dreamed of, to bring me joy.’

hopes & dreams: white walls kitchen{ white on white on white – this is my everything. literally a blank canvas for hosting any dinner party or celebrating any holiday. bc the kitchen is still the new living room. // redpapayablog.com }

And so – it is both my hope & my dream {cheese ball} to get back into this blogging thing and to share those things that make me smile and encourage me to grow. No pressure. Just pure and simple little online world joys.


signature 2


P.S. All of the ‘What Hopes & Dreams Are Made Of’ blog posts now live on this site and are mostly housed under the ‘cook‘ and ‘create‘ tabs.


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