LITTLES  |  baby-safe easy DIY fingerpaint

LITTLES  |  baby-safe easy DIY fingerpaint / footpaint baby safe = edible easy = 3 ingredients & no cooking Before we know it Little Miss’ first birthday will be here! I couldn’t do all of the work myself, so little MJ was given the task of invitations. 😉 Also… it was a beautiful day and … More LITTLES  |  baby-safe easy DIY fingerpaint


Before & After: Goodwill Dresser Refurb Project

        {Goodwill Dresser Refurb Project} Our first married people DIY project {I think…bad memory} was born out of a complete storage NEED! Being the wannabe DIY-ers that we are, we instantly knew that we would salvage someone else’s furniture discard instead of purchasing a new {probably IKEA…} piece of furniture. Let’s save … More Before & After: Goodwill Dresser Refurb Project