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My friends 😉 over at MegaFood {the maker of my beloved pre-natal vitamin} are on a mission to make sure we all stay healthy this season. As a new mommy, I can’t argue that! I need more energy than ever before and I simply cannot afford to get sick!

MegaFood-5 Tips For Winter Wellness-Infographic-11X17-CMYK-300DPI
In addition to their 5 Tips for Winter Wellness, I am still popping their Baby & Me Pre-Natal vitamin each day {because I am breastfeeding} and now I have added some of their other products to my daily routine. We need all the help we can get defending ourselves against daycare and co-worker germs and I wouldn’t put any other vitamin brand into my body!

MegaFood is really a special company for this day in age because they are still sticking with their Slo-food Process that ensures those delicious vitamin and mineral rich ingredients retain the majority of their health benefits when put into pill form. In fact, they are doing even more than that! They use REAL FOOD harvested by the best organic and sustainable farms in the country; they test like crazy; and they honestly stand behind their real and pure products. How great!


You have to get in on this healthiness! MegaFood is giving away a Winter Wellness kit to keep you strong and healthy!

The kit includes all of the following:

· 1 bottle of the following MegaFood products: Daily C-Protect Nutrient Booster Powder, Complex C, Vitamin D3, Zinc and Dream Release

· Blender Bottle (for creating smoothies with their booster powders!)

· DIY Calendula Oil that can be used all winter long to soothe and protect skin against cold, dry temperatures

· MegaFood coupons

· Tips for Winter Wellness

Check out my Instagram post {@amandamacyhall} to enter! The giveaway will run for 24 hours.


Amanda Macy


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