LITTLES | Pregnancy Must Haves: Comfort

Throughout my pregnancy, I kept a running list of the things that helped make my pregnancy more enjoyable. I’ve tried to really pare it down to the must-haves because of course there were dozens of little tips, tricks, people, and products that helped with each changing week!

I’ve categorized the ‘pregnancy must haves’ into three lists: HEALTH, COMFORT & EDUCATION.

Pregnancy Must Haves: Comfort

In pregnancy, COMFORT IS KING. But dang is it hard to come by?!! I’m not so sure anyone knows the magic trick to feeling great, I sure don’t! But… Like my ‘health’ post – here is what semi-sorta-kinda helped me get through those 9 months comfortably:

In our birthing class we were encouraged to avoid hunching our backs to prevent creating a ‘hammock’ for our babies. Whatever their reason was {baby positioning for birth I would guess!}, this ‘rule’ stuck in our heads and we treated it like a Holy Commandment! Which meant there were extra support pillows alllll around the house. My favorites were euros.

Snoogle Pillow:
I mentioned my love for the pregnancy pillow in the Health post, but it falls under Comfort as well! Make that crazy shaped pillow work for you. I ignored the image of the blissfully comfortable pregnant lady on the packaging and twisted that thing however I wanted. And sometimes that meant rearranging it in the middle of the night, poor Josh 🙂

I wanted to make my pre-pregnancy wardrobe work while I was pregnant so badly. I fought maternity pants for probably way too long. The BellaBand extended my closet and gave my growing bump the space it needed by allowing me to discreetly wear my pants unbuttoned…and sometimes unzipped…. 🙂

Prenatal Support Panty, Bellefit:
As the bump grew so did the pain in my hips and lower back and…elsewhere. The weight of that sweet unborn baby could be unbearable some days! This pair of support panties really did help disperse the weight and relieve some of the pressure. I loved this product!!! I believe they now have a thong version too…woo!

BeMaternity Ingrid & Isabell for Target Tank Top:
Like the panties, having a tight, stretchy layer holding on to the baby bump underneath clothing was key. It helped me to feel smooth and secure. Plus, it added length to tops when I needed more coverage.

Target & Old Navy Maternity Dresses:
Soft, stretchy, simple, long and affordable. It’s that easy! I managed with about 5 different dresses and in that final month, I wasn’t wearing anything but them 24/7! Also they layer well with the Prenatal Support Panty and the Ingrid & Isabell for Target Maternity Tanks.

Hanes Bra:
This girl couldn’t have been happier to find that bralettes were in style during my pregnancy. Not that I was showing off the beautiful lingerie, but styles were in abundance! The stretchy, wireless bras were fantastic for my ever changing chest size. This particular Hanes one was a great find at Target and Amazon. Also, the way that it clasps allows you to use it for breastfeeding too.

I would love to hear some of your pregnancy must-haves for staying as comfortable as possible!

//  Amanda Macy


3 thoughts on “LITTLES | Pregnancy Must Haves: Comfort

  1. Love keeping up with you and reading your blog! Miss you and hope we can reconnect at some point. Let me know if you ever do a NYC trip!!


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