#brimfield trip time

Today I am off to the #Brimfield Antiques show in Massachusetts. I am excited for this trip! Should be a lot of fun and I will get to meet some really great people in the design/interiors industry. 

Since I have never been before…here is what others say about Brimfield:

Brimfield Antique Show strikes the tiny town of Brimfield, Mass., September 6 through 11. There are more than 5,000 dealers along Route 20, so where to begin? Our favorite stretch of field is J & J, the original Brimfield show founded by Gordon Reid in 1959 and still managed by Reid’s two daughters Judy and Jill. J & J spawned all the rest and turned Brimfield into a destination. Most of the 20 shows have their own start times and dates, but J & J opens September 9th @ 8 am. To find the J & J field, set your GPS on 35 Main Street.

My co-host for the event, Gretchen Aubuchon of Gretchen Aubuchon Design, and I actually met on Twitter. While we both tweeted about shopping at Brimfield, other Tweeters asked to join us. One thing led to another and, last May, our first Brimfield Tweet-up hosted eighty-eight design Tweeters who were treated by sponsors Benjamin MooreAubuchon Hardware and Company C to their own tent and events. This September’s Brimfield promises to be even more exciting with more Tweeters in attendance.

Here is some of what “I can look forward to” from the Brimfield Insider page:

  • Canvas #brimfield bags for shopping while at Brimfield
  • Tent Decoration by Kelley L. Moore
  • Ongoing projects in the Public Tent adjacent to the VIP tent by Kelley L. Moore, Brian Kelsey, Lu Samu and Aubuchon Hardware
  • Open Bar with our Signature #Brimfield drink, soft drinks/waters, and wine
  • Company C Lounge area to sit and talk
  • Dinner Courtesy of our Sponsors {tonight! at the Publick House}
  • A Masseuse and Pandora de Balthazar’s Lavender Massage Creams
  • Ongoing projects by Kelley L. Moore, Brian Kelsey and Luciana Samu
  • A raffle benefiting Make a Wish Foundation
  • A chance to meet all of your friends from Twitter

I am bringing my computer so maybe I can post some pictures at night- but more than likely it will be better to follow me on twitter @amandamacycheek where I am sure I will posting pictures like a maniac! 

🙂 amc 

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