the living room needs wings

Augh…it’s been too long since my last DIY project. And that probably isn’t even that true…with all of the wedding decisions and ideas, I think that my home feels left out. 

Lately I have been wanting so incredibly bad to add some cool accent chairs to the living room. One, there aren’t enough places to sit; two, the room could actually fit more furniture and three, adding chairs is less expensive than upgrading the couch. Oh, and I want to DIY it. Duh. 

Wingback Chair Inspiration: 

I love the idea of using old sacks for their stripes and pretty nude color. 

Of course I think this is awesome. Of course, I am not capable of re-creating it DIY. 

White legs, solid color fabric and use a pillow and tacks to give it personality. 

Same concept here. In my color pallet. 

This is beyond amazing. And looks terrifying to tackle on my own…

What are our thoughts on the slip cover look? Honestly, I don’t hate it one bit! 

Dip those legs in white paint and we have a winner! 

Love the nail head trim all the way around. 

I’ll go for anything in a print. Especially a DwellStudio print. 

There is a slightly creepy hotel furniture liquidation store near us that has tons of chairs with good bones for dirt cheap. If I don’t find a good chair at Goodwill, then I am thinking of trying out this hotel graveyard thing. 

Crossing my fingers this actually makes it to the top of my to-do list! Given the wedding…it probably won’t. 

Here’s hoping! 
šŸ™‚ amc


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