my envy for green

green is my favorite color. it makes me so happy and i gravitate towards it whether it is the color of shampoo bottles, office folders, luggage, thank you cards, statement jewelry and shoes {well, one pair of precious patent green loafers with a bow….a major impulse purchase, and very much under-worn}.
tonight i dedicate my post to green things that make me smile 
i decided to do this post while digging into a cup of pistachio gelato. wonderfully green, packed into a precious container and popping with a pistachio flavor punch. 
i have an obsession with table settings and stripes. this is perfect
i would serve these delightful pea crostinis on that precious table setting. yes, i would.
and with a beautiful jalapeno margarita on the rocks. your mouth watering? mine is.
enough with the food. green is purely faaaaantastic for home decor. and i hope that one day when i have my own home {hopes & dreams!} i will paint a wall or two in wonderful shades of green. i have always wanted a sage kitchen. and this bookshelf by one of my faaaavorite interior designers Tobi Fairley is such a great idea! {bonus, i get to meet her this week, ahhhh so excited!!!}
and green in fashion. just lovely. {i want to recreate this outfit}
finally, my all time favorite flower. green spider mums. josh just sent me these last week as a “good luck with market” gift! sooo very sweet! Hopes & Dreams spoiler alert: i want a green and white wedding. 🙂
oh and how cute are those green shorts on my wonderful boyfriend?! i have such a crush on him

🙂 amc


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