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You see an empty spot in a room, a little space sans style, what is your go-to decorating solution? 
Consider a stack. A book stack. 

I am a book hoarder {that doubles as a Kindle lover}. Design, fashion, suspense novels, cookbooks and beach reads alike…I love to read them and I really love to decorate with them. So when form meets function a lovely book takes the design cake for me. 

A stack of books compliments color
{design sponge}

or brings the color. 
{Miss Design}

Books over a table
{Glitter Guide}

or stacked underneath. 
{source unknown}

Resting comfortably atop an ottoman
{Southern Living 2012 Idea House}

or sitting pretty across two tables
{The Every Girl}

Lined up in their colorful glory

or elegantly muted in bookcases.
{Habitually Chic}

Books are the filler of fabulous shelves
{Martha Stewart}

and delicious tables.
{Interiorily Designed Inspirations}

Expectedly collected in bookcases
{Carrier and Company}

or unexpectedly beneath a chair.
{Unknown Source}

I am engulfed in a black & gold obsession at the moment so these two stacks make my heart sing. 
{Elegantly Untamed  |  Habitat & Beyond}

Speaking of books…Josh and I are hoping to meet the lovely duo from Young House Love tonight šŸ™‚ 


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