LITTLES  |  5 minute meal: clean out the fridge frittata

When it’s way past your bedtime and you realize that your baby doesn’t have any lunch tomorrow… You hit the fridge and hope for the best. 

Since turning 6 months old, we have been introducing food {ahem, “solids”} to MJ using the Baby Led Weaning method. The whole family has really loved it – it’s been so easy for us + MJ already has that “do it by myself” vibe going {eek…} so she’s all about feeding herself. I’ll share more about BLW and how we make it work for our family soon… 

For now – here’s a BLW inspired meal perfect to pack for lunch! And it took just minutes from start to finish!! 

5 Minute Meal: Clean Out the Fridge Frittata for Baby Led Weaning

  • 2 Eggs
  • <1 spoonful of finely diced tomatoes
  • 5+ baby spinach leaves torn into small pieces

Scramble together and fry in a nonstick pan! No surprise there – but yes, that’s it! 

While cooking, try to form shapes conducive to your baby’s current skill level. Stick shapes worked so well for us in the beginning and now we are on to smaller sizes more suited for her pincer grip.

Guys… This was E A S Y. If nothing else, we always keep a dozen eggs, cans of organic no salt added diced tomatoes and a container of fresh spinach on hand. So at the very least this healthy, veggie and protein packed meal can be ready to go! But imagine the add-ins from leftovers: shredded chicken, roasted chopped vegetables, grated cheese, cooked ground beef/sausage/lentils. 

All hail the eggcellent power of an egg! Had to. 

Bon appetit baby girl!

Amanda Macy Hall 


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