COOK | Perfect Roasted & Crispy Brussel Sprouts + The Best Sauce Ever!

amandamacyhall perfect brussel sprouts

This post has been sitting as a draft for 146 days. 146 days is a really long time to hoard my favorite way to prepare Brussel sprouts from you. I’m sorry. 

Why bring it out now? Because as I am typing out my *new* favorite way to prepare brussel sprouts {read: time saving for these new parents – see it here}, I realized that my *forever* favorite way never made its way onto this blog. Whoooopsies.

 Now this may be common sense to some, but it was life changing for me. I’m so dramatic…

Prepare Brussel Sprouts So They Taste GOOD!

1. Peel off the first {and sometimes second} layer of leaves. Yup! Remove the darker leaves and discard! This was major news to me. 146 days ago….

2. Trim off the stems.

3. Quickly coat the brussels in coconut oil {about 1.5 tablespoons} and a touch of salt by sautéing them in a hot cast iron skillet. Let them get a touch brown, but not too much – you are going for crispy, not doneness. This won’t take long, so don’t abandon them.

4. Spread out the brussel sprouts in the cast iron pan giving each sprout as much space as possible. Then pop the pan into a 375-400 degree oven to tenderize. This can take anywhere from 10-20 minutes depending on the size of your sprouts and how brown you got them in the pan. 

Now you have tender, slightly sweet, CRISPY brussel sprouts! Enjoy! 

Ready to take them to the next level? Add this sauce! 

Sad Disclaimer: This sauce was originally posted on Dash of East, a website that unfortunately no longer exists. {146 days…. Urgh}. So, you are getting the version that I use almost on a weekly basis. It could be the exact recipe she used, it could be an Amanda-fied adaptation. I really don’t know anymore, and we will never be able to find out. How depressing. 

Mix together the following ingredients in a small bowl and pour over brussel sprouts while they are still hot.

1/4 cup Honey or Agave

1 tablespoon Light Soy Sauce

2 teaspoons Sriracha 

1 teaspoon Garlic Powder or 1 finely minced garlic clove

Squeeze of 1/2 a lime

I love this sauce – it’s sticky, slightly sweet and slightly spicy. Prepare it while your brussels are still sautéing in the pan so that the flavors have as much time as possible to hang out together. With this sauce, especially since we are relying on my memory here…., it is very important to adapt it to your liking. Make it sweeter, make it spicier, make more, make less. 

This sauce is also especially tasty as a glaze on salmon and shrimp!
YAY! My not-so-secret, life changing way to prepare brussel sprouts is out into the digital atmosphere! That feels good 🙂

Amanda Macy


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