A. Macy Hall benefiting Susan G Komen Atlanta

A. Macy Hall benfiting Susan G Komen Atlanta

I am so excited to have partnered with Susan G Komen Atlanta today in the sale of three of my ‘A. Macy Hall’ tassel jewelry designs!

Throughout the rest of October, I will donate 15% of the proceeds of my three designs to Susan G Komen for the Cure Atlanta.

All of the designs in this collection were inspired by my mom, a 6 year breast cancer survivor! From the moment Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, she pushed the importance of local fundraising and early detection research.  It was because of these two things we believe that my Mom was able to fight and beat her breast cancer! Local funding allowed her doctor’s office access to brand new early detection technology that she was fortunate enough to ‘test out as a healthy patient’…much to her surprise and the surprise of her doctors, the test results came back positive for breast cancer. I can remember the exact place I stood on my college campus during sorority bid day when my parents called to tell me the news. You never forget a moment like that. Luckily the scary news was followed by words of hope and plans of positive action.

Early detection greatly aided in providing multiple treatment options and increased survival success rates for my Mom and the thousands of men and women in similar positions. After a series of surgeries and medication my Mom was breast cancer free and can now stand proud as a 6 year breast cancer survivor!

Throughout the years Mom and I have participated in different programs to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer research. We both truly believe that there is an answer to be found. We both also believe ever so strongly in the power of local fundraising organizations like Susan G Komen Atlanta that make gaining access to early detection processes easier and more abundant.

This year to honor my Mom, a six-year breast cancer survivor, and to aid in the fight for a cure- I have channeled my creative energy into the creation of three tassel bracelets and necklaces that will {hopefully!} allow for a donation to Susan G Komen Atlanta.

Please visit my ‘A. Macy Hall’ Etsy Shop and click the ‘Komen for a Cure’ category to see the designs: https://www.etsy.com/shop/AMacyHall

Congratulations, Mom! I love you!



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