food notes

Last weeks caterer tastings and Easter goodies have me feeling slow and yucky…. I can tell a difference in my body and my mood after so many #NonFood meals and snacks. Not good. I do appreciate the feeling though as it is a reassurance that #EatClean works for a sound body and mind. I subscribe to the … More food notes

planning session

I’m a big girl now. The parents came over Monday night for a wedding planning session and…. I made dinner! I know, I cook dinner all the time. But that is just for Josh. And that kid will eat just about anything. So this was more of a test. Almond Crusted Tilapia I got to use my … More planning session


I loooove cookbooks. I read them like novels, display them like awards and add more to my collection on the regular. The thing is…when I do my grocery list, I rarely have the books around. I am happy to have found many great #EatClean blogs jam packed with recipes as a solution. Some inspiring #EatClean recipes to … More cookblogs

reading & resources

For me, the only way to really get behind something is to read read read about it! I am that girl that will study product reviews and google everything. And as I get more committed to the clean eating lifestyle, I have been researching away! It is the researching that has affirmed my desire to … More reading & resources