#brimfield trip time

Today I am off to the #Brimfield Antiques show in Massachusetts. I am excited for this trip! Should be a lot of fun and I will get to meet some really great people in the design/interiors industry. 

Since I have never been before…here is what others say about Brimfield:

Brimfield Antique Show strikes the tiny town of Brimfield, Mass., September 6 through 11. There are more than 5,000 dealers along Route 20, so where to begin? Our favorite stretch of field is J & J, the original Brimfield show founded by Gordon Reid in 1959 and still managed by Reidโ€™s two daughters Judy and Jill. J & J spawned all the rest and turned Brimfield into a destination. Most of the 20 shows have their own start times and dates, but J & J opens September 9th @ 8 am. To find the J & J field, set your GPS on 35 Main Street.

My co-host for the event, Gretchen Aubuchon of Gretchen Aubuchon Design, and I actually met on Twitter. While we both tweeted about shopping at Brimfield, other Tweeters asked to join us. One thing led to another and, last May, our first Brimfield Tweet-up hosted eighty-eight design Tweeters who were treated by sponsors Benjamin MooreAubuchon Hardware and Company C to their own tent and events. This Septemberโ€™s Brimfield promises to be even more exciting with more Tweeters in attendance.

Here is some of what “I can look forward to” from the Brimfield Insider page:

  • Canvas #brimfield bags for shopping while at Brimfield
  • Tent Decoration by Kelley L. Moore
  • Ongoing projects in the Public Tent adjacent to the VIP tent by Kelley L. Moore, Brian Kelsey, Lu Samu and Aubuchon Hardware
  • Open Bar with our Signature #Brimfield drink, soft drinks/waters, and wine
  • Company C Lounge area to sit and talk
  • Dinner Courtesy of our Sponsors {tonight! at the Publick House}
  • A Masseuse and Pandora de Balthazarโ€™s Lavender Massage Creams
  • Ongoing projects by Kelley L. Moore, Brian Kelsey and Luciana Samu
  • A raffle benefiting Make a Wish Foundation
  • A chance to meet all of your friends from Twitter

I am bringing my computer so maybe I can post some pictures at night- but more than likely it will be better to follow me on twitter @amandamacycheek where I am sure I will posting pictures like a maniac! 

๐Ÿ™‚ amc 

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