Scott’s Scouting

Living in Atlanta makes visiting the Scott’s Antique Market super easy. Scott’s is open the second weekend of each month and features two giant buildings {and outdoor tents!} filled to the brim with new, unique and vintage home furnishings and decor. It’s a true treasure hunt. 

While Josh and I only went home with one {crazy cool} find, we did see plenty of items that sparked our interest…. 

You could see this pair of chairs a mile away. The green could actually work with a lot of room styles. I was personally fond of the large nail head trim. 

This booth was on-point for the industrial look. Crazy for that coffee table! 

The upholstery mix on this piece is so crazy but works. I have actually been eyeing this fabric {the ikat one} for another project so I got extra excited when I saw it here. 

The seemingly unfinished trim on the sofa really peaked my interest- I love the rough edges and the use of  simple black finishing nails. 

I see me! These vases look amazing grouped together, I love their ultra-shiny finish and different shapes. 

I see this chair every time I go to Scott’s and I am in love with its inviting cushion and the fact that Josh and I can {kind of} both fit on it! If I ever find myself with $700 extra dollars, it will be mine. 

A DIY inspiration piece maybe? Three-toned dipped vase, the middle layer is a shiny gold and the bottom is a chalky black. 

Oh Hey! 

Once our treasure finds a home, I will share pictures. And you can guess it’s symbolence. 🙂

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