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Last weeks caterer tastings and Easter goodies have me feeling slow and yucky…. I can tell a difference in my body and my mood after so many #NonFood meals and snacks. Not good. 

I do appreciate the feeling though as it is a reassurance that #EatClean works for a sound body and mind. 

I subscribe to the idea that if I write it down, I will remember it. I can hear Mom now ….. “did you write yourself a note? Write that down! Make a reminder note!”  {eye roll}

Here I go, making myself a “note”

About 4 minutes ago, I posted this photo of this weeks lunches. I used to do this in the beginning of my #EatClean transition and it really is the only way to stay focused. If it is easy to make a lunch decision and you are happy with the selection, then staying on track at lunch is a no-brainer. 
This weeks lunches feature Tilapia or Tofu {yes, I know this is more tofu than I should have in a week…but I ran out of fish}, steamed green beans and quinoa cooked in water with garlic. 

VERY sadly, the blender broke. It went through the dishwasher one hundred too many times and didn’t make it out alive this time. RIP. 

Yesterday I improvised with a coconut banana protein smoothie using my immersion blender. This tool doesn’t look to be vegetable friendly…. I miss you kale. Tear. 

So this week {or until I make it to Target} is a Protein Pancake week! The old stand by recipe I use is here on the blog.  This mornings included some diced apples which ended up being absolutely decadent. 

Dinner is up in the air this week, as always. But I am going to try very very very hard to not go to the grocery store, surely I have enough ingredients to make this work. You can expect some “Recipes that I made up that I liked” and some real recipes because….

Last night I got a sweet little shipment from Amazon! Three new Eat Clean Diet cookbooks! Booo yeah!!! 

But before I share recipes from it, I have GOT to finally post some recent “recipes I made up that I liked.” 

Here we go
{am I in the running for longest blog post ever yet?}

Mushroom Chicken & Eggplant Chips

ya know what…these pics look gross. But I swear it all tasted lovely! 

1. Mushrooms can top anything and be amazing. Just sautee them alone or with your protein of choice. But remember “do not crowd the mushrooms.” I used a little white wine as my cooking liquid and boy oh boy does it make for a big & rich flavor. 

2. Any veggie can make a bad ass chip. After eggplant disaster of 2012, I was left with one lonely {and hated} eggplant. So I sliced it thin and threw it into a 400 degree oven. Good riddance stupid vegetable. 30 minutes later, hello best thing I have ever tasted. Eggplants and I play nice together again. 

{right here, I had every intention of reminding you how amazing mushrooms are for you, but…I threw the wrong book into my bag. So sad. Mushrooms are a super food! Eat them! They will make you skinny! I’m convinced 🙂 }

Veggie & Fish Tacos
After the third catering tasting and fourth consecutive night of  plain grilled fish, I needed a change..
Taco Night!
Thinly slice all of the veggies you have on hand. I cleaned out the kitchen and used carrots, asparagus, zucchini and onion. Then let them sizzle {covered} on the stove top at medium to high heat with a tiny touch of olive oil for 10 minutes {stir occasionally}. They sizzled the whole time and smelled so fresh and good. 

I don’t have a picture, but last week I tried my hand at a bean puree/hummus. Using the food processor, I combined 4 roasted garlic cloves, 1 can of organic chick peas, 1 can of organic black beans and a small handful of baby tomatoes. I streamed it all together using a bit of olive oil and water until it was the consistency of hummus. The texture and taste is so rich and makes for a very easy way to get in your legumes! A great dip for veggies and a topping for wraps or tacos. 

I spread my bean hummus on a whole wheat soft taco shell, topped with a heaping amount of veggies and laid a fresh slice of baked fish on top. 
{Fish was baked with a citrus jelly on it, the flavors of the veggies and fish didn’t exactly go together, but its okay. Flavors only have to go together on food competition shows, right?}

Two tacos were filling enough and the leftovers worked out great for next days lunch! 

Are you exhausted from reading this giant rambling post? I am. 
🙂 amc


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