DESIGN | Minty Green Master Escape with Target

Jess Watts Master Bedroom

DESIGN  |  Minty Green Master Escape with Target

My friend, Jess, contacted me today looking for some ideas to update her master bedroom. Now, I am not a professional designer, but I love creating a mood board and any excuse to ‘shop’!


Before we go any further – how adorable is Jess and her little family?! We both had our babies around the same time this past December so we leaned on each other a lot during the long, long days and even longer nursing nights. Momma friends are good to have 😉

Anyways – She had just purchased a new bed (the dark wooden headboard shown above) and two dressers (also shown above) and was looking for a way to fill out an entire look. What fun!! Not being familiar with her hometown or surrounding cities, I quickly sprang into action hitting up! Who doesn’t love target?!

Note: She already owned side tables, lamps, and drapes – the ones pictured are similar and also from Target.

world market 1

With beige carpet and walls, the room needed to be grounded with a rug to provide visual interest and character. Noticing that she already had soft teal drapes, I went with that and suggested a washed out rug with shades of blues, greens, taupes and grays. You can pull so many different tones from this rug so I thought it would be an easy piece to work with for accessories.

Jess fell in love with a preppy chic thick striped tan duvet and euro shams – you can never go wrong with a stripe! I suggested going with throw pillows that feature subtle patterns as to not compete with the bold stripes, but to keep it interesting and soft by incorporating lots of textures like crochet, knit, fringe, etc.

If you’re going to actually live in a room and have it look good – you need baskets. An abundance of baskets. Target always has an amazing selection and tons of sizes,  you truly can’t go wrong! Her nightstands have a perfect shelf to each house a basket and a larger basket or two scattered throughout the room are great for extra blankets, pajamas, books, shoes, etc.

Jess decided to skip the foot board due to the size of the room and I suggested punctuating the bed with a pair of stools. In the case of a stool I prefer to focus on the pieces’ bones and main materials. Fabrics can always be easily switched out. Dark or light wood tones to play off the bed and dressers will work here and provide a good little spot to perch.

Accents, odds and ends, and the like are not always a fun way to spend your budget. But unfortunately, a room just isn’t finished until it is sprinkled with vases, frames, trays, bowls and decorative accessories. My suggestion is to be cheap & cheerful here – look at the clearance sections of Target and Home Goods and even hit up thrift stores. Find pieces with shapes and sizes that match your needs and use spray paint to make them work in your space! For Jess’ space I think she could have a lot of fun with the new spray chalk paints that just came out! Super quick, super cheap, super easy and will look great! I always keep cans of gold/bronze and high gloss white spray paint around for this exact purpose! {Event a simple mason jar is more fun with a coat!}

I can’t wait to see what she comes up with!
Maybe she will share some before and after pics 😉

Amanda Macy



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