watermelon + lime green drink

{ watermelon + lime green drink }

  • 3 stalks of kale
  • 1/2 cucumber, sliced {peel on or off}
  • Quarter of a medium-sized watermelon
  • Juice of 3 limes {or to taste}
  • 1 cup water

{makes 2 pint sized drinks}

toss all ingredients into the blender & blend until you reach your desired consistency

*put frozen ingredients in first & layer the kale between the other ingredients — this helps the blending process

 {hello super bright blinding picture}


{from amanda} Tasty & refreshing! The main flavor that comes out is the lime, I can taste hints of the watermelon and I know it is there because the drink is slightly sweet. I love that the lime juice brightens the drink and makes it a tad sour- in a good way. I will definately be making this juice again! 

{from josh} The juice today had a sweet taste right from the first sip.  Smooth drink and not overly veggie tasting.  Very refreshing drink.  

Are you ready for the best tip ever?!
Squeeze your lemons and limes using a pair of tongs! 
You already own this tool… you don’t want citrus juice all over your hands and arms… and most importantly- the extra leverage gets so much more juice out of the fruit!
{thanks to Ina Garten- the barefoot contessa- for featuring this tip on her show}

check back later this week for another new green drink recipe! 

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