hello spring, let’s play!

It’s the FIRST DAY OF SPRING! Hallelujah! 
The bright shining sun and manageable temperatures make it a perfect time to enjoy an outdoor workout. 

|ONEIt’s finally here, an easy way to hold your phone and house key while you run. The {FlipBelt} wears comfortably around your waist and looks pretty cute too! 

|TWOAm I the last girl to have a {Lululemon No Limits Tank}? I think so, it looks crazy comfortable and chic- on the top of my wish list!

|THREEI love my {Nike Free} shoes for non-cardio workouts. They support in all the right places, are extremely light and I love the fun colors! 

|FOURSince you’re already there…check out these hot {Target C9 Compression Capris}. I love the print and the fit + fabric is perfect for any type of workout. 

let’s go play outside!


4 thoughts on “hello spring, let’s play!

  1. LOVE the Flip Belt idea! Never seen this before, and I hate the awful iPhone armbands. They never stay put for me. Buying one of these ASAP. Thanks for the idea!


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