mighty manly meat pizza

 Remember that time you went to the grocery to get stuff to make pizza and came home with  everything but? Oh that wasn’t you? It was me? Yeah…it was. 

Improvise to satisfy. 
{recipe after the jump}

I usually buy these thin  and crispy crust gluten-free pre-made pizza crusts, and they are delicious! Great texture and taste and oh-so-easy. I am making myself feel more guilty…
But when in Rome {so many joke opportunities…too easy} you grab your trusty Bisquick! Just a little mix and warm water and you have fresh pizza dough in minutes! That was easy. {add garlic powder for more flavor}

My original plans called for a light and healthy pizza. My improvised plan made a gigantic super manly super full pizza pie. Whoopsies! 😉

Toppings: pizza sauce, cooked mild italian ground sausage, sliced roasted mushrooms, onion slices cooked in worcestershire, mozzarella cheese and fresh spinach {for the guilt-factor}

 Bake for approximately 15 minutes at 425. Then dig in! With a shovel…you will need it. 
Delicious, manly, pizza pie. Incredibly filling and guaranteed to satisfy a hungry hungry husband. 
Win for the wife. 

P.S. We used our Emile Henry pizza stone {thanks Kim!} for the first time with great results! The crust turned out great plus I felt uber fancy and european using it. Because that matters. 
Feed the men. And yourself. 


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