the green drink recipe recap

{ green drink recipes! }

Thank you for reading about my journey through new green drink recipes this week! I hope that you will try some of these or better yet make up your own and share them with me! 

what we tried this week:

–{blended drink benefits reminder}–
These ‘whole food blended drinks’ are full of health benefits*:

Fiber: Blending instead of juicing retains the natural fiber of the fruits and vegetables! This does wonders for your digestive system and is healthy to consume daily. 

Add-Ins: Blended drinks take well to nutritional goodies like chia seeds, ground flaxseed and protein powder- your drink will already have a bit of texture, so what is a little bit more!

Meal Replacement: Because of all the fiber, nutrients and add-ins, a full glass of a green drink can keep you completely satisfied for around 3 hours.

Quick + Easy: The fruits and veggies just need a rough chop then in they go, the blender takes care of the rest and you aren’t left having to clean out a juicer or deal with pulp.

Deceptively Delicious: Add the veggies you normally wouldn’t reach for and all of a sudden you are introducing new foods and nutrients to your body- without having to really taste them.

{Some points to note:}
  • Pre-made drinks only last about 3-4 days
  • Blend for as little time as possible {under a minute}
  • If the consistency isn’t as thin as you like- just add water. It’s better to have more juice on hand than to ‘over blend’ and risk too much oxidation. 
  • If you prefer cold smoothie-like drinks- freeze the fruit you are using or toss in some ice cubes
I hope you begin to add one or two of these into your diet/lifestyle each day- you’ll be glad you did! 
Enjoy the weekend + Go Green! 
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