crinkle fashion

As I have previously made clear, I do not claim to be super fashiony {thats a new word}. But lately I have been seeing the return of the crinkle vintagey {another new word} fabrics in dresses and skirts and I am very drawn to it! I think it is so chic and brings simply skirts and dresses to the next level of interest and fashion. 

So what did I do? 
I bought 2! 

I think this is super cute and so versatile. I can see it dressed up for a date or event with jewels and curled hair but also thrown on for work with a blazer and cute necklace. 

How great is this! It is very similar to the first dress but it is in a length that I have never tried before. I love how she is wearing it with bold shoes and a dark belt. 

I have really taken to the fashion blogs and I have a weird interest in seeing the outfits that the creators put together. My dad would hate that if he knew it about me, for the most part he finds blogs and social media very narcissistic. Whatever. šŸ™‚ 

Here are some crinkle vintagey outfits that I have seen {and loved!} lately:

Mariannan again! This may be the exact same dress I bought… I love the movement it has. Excited Amanda! 

This is a tad bit different but I love it just the same. The colors and accessorizing are great. Olivia always puts together great outfits. 
I really want that skirt…

Another similar skirt! I love how you can wear the skirts/dresses in this material with such bold shoes. It really updates the look and I love it. 

Of course my girl Blair of Atlantic-Pacific would don a similar outfit as well. Look at those colors! But the dainty jewelry {yes, I just described that giant slew of bangles on her arm as dainty} with the outfit really tone it down and increase the classy factor. 

So excited for my new garments to arrive! 
šŸ™‚ amc

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