Since our feet landed back in Atlanta soil from sunny Aruba, our lives have been non-stop GO GO GO! Organizing wedding gifts {thank you!}, organizing our home, celebrating birthdays {ahem..}, Thanksgiving and then Christmas. Days seem to truly fly by with no indications of slowing down anytime soon {market market market time…}. 

Somehow Josh and I found a couple of minutes to create {from scratch!} all of our Christmas gifts! Not sure what we were thinking and really not sure how we ended up pulling it off…but we did! 

The finished project- wall-hanging picture frames! 

We made a handful of variations:

We also made some that hold two pictures & some extra special ones for my parents featuring a handpainted message {will post later}.

Wellll… now its 3 days after Christmas, gifts have been given and the Hall household still contains some extra frames!!! Plus plenty of materials to create more. 

Naturally, I now introduce to you…
In our etsy shop, cheekily named ‘Hallmade’ {like handmade…but hallmade…giggle}, we are selling 5 variations of our frames and we can take custom orders too! 

Stop by, shop a bit, enjoy some hallmade love. 

🙂 amch


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