hey world! Happy Easter- He is RISEN! 

{now we can wear white and seersucker}

We didn’t have any showers or parties but somehow this weekend actually felt busier than any other. 

{p.s. Instagram was just acquired by Facebook…but did you care?}

Attempted to play catch-up with my stack of April magazines
{Country Living Magazine}

Had a lovely massage and manicure at Natural Body spa in Brookhaven. Where I was introduced to WORLD’S BEST HOT TEA! It is Gold Kili Ginger tea and it will change your life. I immediately bought a package, but it won’t last long- such the perfect blend of hot, spicy, savory, calming, sweet, healthy, ahhh yummmmmness.

We had our engagement pictures!!! As Dad would say, we went as State Patrol Officers 🙂 
Our photographer is just wonderful and I am beyond happy with my decision to use Heidi of Our Labor of Love. Check out her blog and I will share the pics with you when they are ready! 

We were so fortunate to have a free Saturday night together- we spent it at the Buckhead Church Easter service {amaaazing- He is risen!}

And eating beautiful and tasty Italian food at Tartufo Pizzeria {check your ScoutMob!}. 
We ate outside on their parking lot patio and enjoyed super fresh, authentic food while the sun set. 
Above is their caprese salad- red and yellow heirloom tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, grated basil and a drizzle of balsamic glaze. 

Spent Sunday on a grandparent marathon

🙂 I wish I could see him every day

I hope this portrait is willed to me

and now its just another week….
a prepped, #EatClean week though! 

let’s enjoy this one! 
🙂 amc

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