we celebrated anyways

Thank you to everyone that made my birthday so special! It was a weird one to celebrate since I feel like we have spent the last 10 months celebrating with all of the wedding/bridal festivities. Believe it or not, I actually felt like I met my “Amanda Celebration Attention!” quota…but alas we celebrated anyways. 

The work girls dressed up our team mascot as Josh- so much fun having the hubs with me at work 😉

Birthday cupcakes and lunch- my work girls are too too good to me. Love! 

Birthday date night! Fancy sushi & sake with the hubs! 

Super yummy family birthday dinner at No246

beautiful mommy!

My birthday gift from Josh was these amazing custom built shelves! They took a lot of work and look amazing! Thank you Josh! {don’t worry- they will get decorated}

Mom gave me this basket that I had been hunting for and 3 awesome awesome coffee table books including the one in this picture- ‘I Brake for Yard Sales’

Thank you Thank you Thank you
I love you I love you I love you
🙂 amch


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