TIU update


After 4 months of plain brown rice protein, I was blown away by the taste of vanilla in my green drink this morning. Yay! 

Kale & Perfect Fit are going to be best buds now 

My lunches are always pre-packed {no room for risk!} and consist of a lot of organic burritos and steamed veggies loaded with tasty hot sauce! Hot sauce is my new favorite thing! I think the fiance is rubbing off 

The thing that I have had the most difficulty with lately is doing my morning cardio. I’ve gotten sucked into a routine of late night errands and trashy tv which makes getting up at 6 a.m. not so easy. If I can’t get into the cardio kick, then I pop in my Beach Babe DVD or grab my Self Magazine TIU cards {+ a coffee from our new Keurig!} . As long as I am moving in the morning, we are set for success!  I am hoping to get back into the early morning cardio habit again soon. 

My favorite snack idea from the NEW Beach Babe Edition of Tone It Up is…
Sugar Shack Cupcakes! 
Oops…no that’s not TIU approved. These were a special treat for Mom’s birthday last night. 

THIS is my favorite treat! A banana “sundae” yummm! 

I am seeing progress and loving this new lifestyle! 

Sorry to cut this update short- but gotta finish some things before spin class at FlyWheel 

🙂 amc


2 thoughts on “TIU update

  1. this makes me sooo happy!!! congrats on your new purchases! youve inspired a post 🙂 i will write up some newbie suggestions soonthanks for the follow! @amandamacycheek


  2. I have followed your blog for quite sometime, and realized I have never actually left a comment!I ordered the tone it up diet plan today….as well as the perfect fit protein powder and i just cannot wait to receive it. the recipes you have posted thus far look incredible….and thought it was about time i dove in! thanks for the inspiration!!!ps- any suggestions for a newbie to TUI?


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