superbowl sustenance

I hear it is Superbowl time… I know this for one reason only: my inbox has been flooded with TV promotions and party recipes. 

Pre #EatClean this post would have been filled with pictures and recipes for tasty treats like these:

But now…not so much. 

It’s Market weekend and we haven’t gotten around to thinking about plans for Sunday but here are some recipes for snacks, dips and dishes that would be amazing! They are all Eat Clean approved! Yahoo! 
{trick here is moderation!}

7 Layer Bean Dip/Salad
Dip responsibly with whole wheat pita bread instead of fried corn chips

Chicken Enchiladas
Not exactly a snack…but they seem sporty to me. {huh???…}

Baked Tater Tots
Who doesn’t love tater tots?! Consider a “cleaner” option for the parmesan cheese

Ohh…meatballs! An all time favorite snack of mine. There are tons of clean eating meatball recipes out there- so google away and find one that incorporates your favorite flavors. 

Buffalo Wings
Can’t watch the Superbowl without wings. It’s a law. 

Lettuce Wraps
Fill with your choice of protein! Recipe by me…and coming to this blog soon. 

duhhh…. This is another dish that has 1.5 billion clean eating recipe variations on google.
{Vegan Squash & Quinoa Recipe … via FitSugar}
{Clean Crockpot recipe… via The Clean Eating Mama}

And if you’d rather just buy something- Whole Foods Fruit/Veggie Sushi! 
So cute and colorful- can’t wait to try! 
Bonus! PLEASE dunk any and everything into some homemade clean eating bbq sauce

Currently starving…
🙂 amc


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