sizzle & oink

This week my Legally Blonde {Hopes &} dreams came true and I got selected to sit on a jury. I wasn’t exactly hoping to get picked and it couldn’t have come at a worse time…but I can’t say that I hated it! It was like real life Law & Order meets Legally Blonde meets I kind of still want to go into law! 🙂 
During the jury selection day I was asked a series of questions including what I liked to do in my free time…I said COOK! and what TV shows I like to watch… Sorry Mom & Dad…I said The Kardashians! 

While those in no way go together, they do tend to make a pretty wonderful night for me! So last night I got home, I flipped on E! {of course they were on} and thumbed through my favorite books for a recipe….

We could stop right here and I am supper happy Amanda Macy! 

But it gets better….
Enter “A Recipe I Made Up That I Like” 

Corn & Potato Chowder with Sausage & Bacon

Yup ladies & gentlemen, 2 types of pork. Some nights, just one simply won’t do the trick. Tuesday called for two. It told me. 

Sorry Hugh…this made-up recipe is the baby of Williams-Sonoma’s Essentials and Tyler Florence. Two more books that you.MUST.own.

There are few things in life that are GUARANTEED to calm me down. And guaranteed means always always always without fail will chill me out. Chopping and sauteing onions is one of those things. 
{Josh- this does not mean you can pass me an onion when you think I am acting like “some sort of crazy person”}

Anyonion- start by sauteing a big ole sweet onion with some minced garlic
Then add in a 32 oz box of chicken stock and 2 chopped up regular potatoes {plus some salt & pepper}. Bring it to a boil, drop it to a simmer, put the lid half on and forget about it for 15 minutes. 

In that 15 minutes, separately cook up your sausage and bacon. I sliced/chunked them up before adding to the pan. And I used that sausage that is sold near the hot dogs in the grocery. {that is the name on the package- “Sausage by the Hot Dogs”- I like to be helpful, you’re welcome}. 

Second to sauteing onions, is cooking up bacon and sausage. How can that not make you happy and calm? 
Sizzle & Oink.

We could stop there and the JAMM family would be plenty happy. 
But then I wouldn’t get to use my fancy shmancy kitchen machinery!

After 15 minutes or so or until the potatoes of fork tender add a can of {drained} sweet corn kernels and a cup {or more, who can remember these details} of half of half. 
Then dunk your immersion blender into the pot and make that soup creamy!

Now add in one more can of drained sweet corn kernels and the browned sausage slices

Yeah, I am hungry again

Laddle into a bowl and top with bacon and thyme

Let me know if you try it and if it makes it into your “A Recipe I Made Up That I Like”

bon apetit!
🙂 amc


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