the sky is falling

Yup, its true. The sky is falling in the form of lovely colored fall leaves, refreshing rain at night and of course a whole mess of “augh” mixed in there. 
Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year- I think it is gorgeous from head to toe. So why is it that I find myself so stress focused? I honestly need help counting from 10 to 0, enjoying the outdoors and just being happy. How is it that I keep finding myself in this annoying mental state? Am I the only one that can go from happy to blah in 2.5? 

Well just because today fell into the “blah” stage, doesn’t mean it has been there long. This is what I have been up to lately and what I would like to have on tap for the Fabulous Fall Season!

First off, this is what I am doing right this second. Heck yeah! Bonus- I have been on pinterest for like an hour, Josh is making me some yummy pasta, TRZ Project re-runs are on and I talked to some great friends on the phone earlier today. 

Last weekend we were at Cottage Cheek and I made my first-ever apple pie!!! The entire thing was made in the Lodge Cast Iron Pan! Yahhoooo!

All ready for the oven!

Finished delicious product! So incredibly yummy! Especially because we enjoyed with with cool vanilla ice cream, on the porch while looking out at the lake. Stress free satisfaction. 
{Southern Living recipe}

Fun lake time! 

This past weekend was a dream come true. One of my very best friends got married!!! We had the time of lives preparing and celebrating with her. I love you Jennifer, Carrie and Lydia so very much, you have no idea! Plus I got to make two new fabulous (bridal roadkill…jk) friends Kat and Michelle. Love it!

So like I said, Fall makes me happy and so I stay out of the Stress 911 zone, I have found some yummy and cute projects that plan on occupying my free time. I probably wont pull off these cookies…but wow they are works of art! The colors and textures dont get any better!

Too cute and cozy! Can I please have?

This looks like such a great party app! Caramel cheesecake dip for freshly sliced crispy apples

Love this fall wreath! Looks so super precious against that pretty blue door. I think one day I will take up wreath-making. It seems fun and there are so many ideas out there!!!

Oh yum. I think a main reason that I love fall so much is that I die for Pumpkin beers. This recipe {found on my yumminess pinterest board} includes such beers plus some other festive ingredients. Must have for next fall get together. 

Pumpkin little dounut holes? Must. Make. Love the presentation too!!! 
{Yumminess pinterest board}

I am currently germy and sick, so this is spot on. Soap & Jesus are this weeks must-haves! 🙂  

See Amanda? You can calm down and relax and enjoy your favorite season. {sometimes I talk to myself…}
🙂 amc


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