happy stuffing

August has been quite the month so far, and it doesn’t seem like any of the stresses will be letting up anytime soon. 

Instead of going down that road right now… we will go down the super cookie road. πŸ™‚

 today’s little moment is brought to me by Oreo and Pillsbury
I am not big on sweets, I have even unknowingly given them up for months and months at a time, but I do have a complete weakness for double stuffed oreos. I really love it when they dye the stuffing {stuffing???} different colors for holidays {the halloween ones are my favorite…hint hint}, I think they taste better with that poisonous food coloring mixed in there. True. 
The other day on Pinterest I stumbled upon an idea to bake chocolate chip cookies with an oreo on the inside. Freshly home from a trip to Kroger {with a premeditated list inclusive of oreos and cookie dough} and found with a little bit of dead time on my hands, I whipped them up! 
hello yummy!!!
 It was NOT easy to wrap the cookie dough around the oreo. I did my best. And this is what my best looks like. Ha
 Tasted really super yummy though! Very rich and double stuffed with happiness. Requires a very big glass of milk. {and you know what they say… “if you give a mouse a cookie…”}
off to finish my glass of milk and read a little bit of Jeremiah {bible…}
good night! πŸ™‚ amc

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