taking time to live life

It is the week of our July Market and my anxiety levels are high. like super high. i am prepared and ready and super excited, but the pressure to perform perfectly is on and i can feel every bit of it.

Earlier in the week, while pinterest-ing {aka my all time favorite thing ever} i stumbled across some wonderful words of inspiration, famous encouraging quotes and comforting bible verses all transformed into super cute works of art. {sadly, pinterest is not getting along with me today and i cannot find the board to share with you. sad face.} here is one of them though:

Taking the time to LIVE LIFE will only INSPIRE your WORK. how great is that! My first boss at AmericasMart always taught me that… she taught me to value rest and relaxation, to explore my surroundings, to study culture, to not take work tooo seriously, to condition important relationships, to take care of myself and to have fun with life. Such great lessons.

Since I am clearly stuck on the topic of work, I have got to tell you how SUPER excited I am to meet Katie Armour this Friday! She is the beauty and brains behind my favorite blog “The NeoTraditionalist” & a new lifestyle online magazine called Matchbook Mag. She is solely responsible for countless hours of my life being spent daydreaming about kate spade clothes, girly bows, pretty stationary, beautiful paintings, fancy fun jewelry, beautifully decorated interiors and so many more absolutely charming things in life. I can’t wait to meet her! {she is on one of my HOME panels “Whats Your Style: New Media and Design”}

Last I leave with you this awesome painting. Not only do I want this painting/want to re-create this painting. But I have been dying to purchase a set of 3 of these vases and fill them with bright orange flowers! {painting above found here}

“and the Lord will FIGHT for you; you need only BE STILL” exodus 14:14

Ok, I feel better for now.
🙂 amc


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