COOK | Mushroom & Bacon Chicken Pot Pie 

 Okay, is it potpie or pot pie? Even Queen Martha Stewart writes it both ways. Sigh. Much less confusing? The yumminess that is pot pie! {I’m going with it…} We recently hosted some friends at our new house for dinner – oh, how I love having our home filled with wonderful friends and family! It was … More COOK | Mushroom & Bacon Chicken Pot Pie 


love between 2 slices

Are we Instagram friends? {we should be! @amandamacyhall}   If we are, you have noticed that Josh and I recently acquired a love for paninis. As a former sandwich-loather this has been a big step for my brain and my belly. Not sure when or really even why…but I have been stiff-arming deli meat smushed between sliced … More love between 2 slices