hallmade: our etsy shop

Lately I have been very inspired to update some of my Etsy frames. It was one of those tasks that I thought about every night as I drove from work but sadly never got around to actually doing it. Well on Saturday I spread my supplies out and got to it! Yay! 

Since moving to our new house, Josh and I have diligently spent time each morning in our breakfast spot reading a devotional and the Bible. It has proved to be such a fulfilling routine for us, I personally crave that time each morning and feel that it helps to lead my thoughts throughout the day. 
Quiet/Devotional Time…You should consider it! 

All of that inspiration finally led to new designs in our Etsy shop:
{see the designs after the jump!}

All of that inspiration finally led to new designs in our Etsy shop:

This is my personal favorite- it hangs where I can see it each morning as a daily reminder to call on Him for strength. 
{plus the gold foil words are so pretty in person}

I’m a sucker for stripes and bows. 
And gold glitter…duh.

A lovely reminder to be thankful, I have a picture from our wedding in this frame at home. It reminds me how very thankful I am for the love that Josh and I have and for our wedding which was such a lovely event where we were surrounded by loving friends and family. Sweet memories- so thankful! 

I’m from the South, I’m newly married…therefore I love my new monogram. 🙂 Let’s put H’s on everything! {or your letter if you want one of course :)}

What do you think of the new designs? 


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