20 minutes + 2 dollars

{diy} dropcloth covered cork  board
a project just about anyone can do! 

If you have 20 minutes, some scrap materials and your cork board from your childhood room then you have everything you need for a super-easy makeover project. 

My wonderful mother made me this board back in my elementary school days, I wonder what I used to tack on there…Taylor Hanson TigerBeat magazine photos maybe?

P.S. In 1996 this kid saw the flame

Anyways…With some tugging, stretching and stapling {thanks to my strong hubs}, we covered the board with a nearly-perfect piece of drop cloth that I already had. 

P.P.S. this crazy cute dude helped

With a $2 ez-tack kit and the tacks that came with, I decorated {+ adhered in some places as you can see…} the drop cloth to the board. 

Ah! Much better! 

Yeah…yeah…my board has its flaws, its not picture perfect, but I think it looks great on our wall. You can’t beat the {$2!} price tag and practically non-existent time commitment and now I can admire some sweet love notes and beautiful inspiration images…that’s got to be an improvement from Taylor Hanson!

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