long workend…er weekend

Happy Tuesday {that feels every bit as tired as a Monday}! What did you do this weekend? 

We spent every single moment of our glorious 3 day weekend busting out DIY projects and painting our new house. It was hard work but we are so excited to move that we were happy and energized the whole time! 

Plus a late night trip to QT for coffee helped with the energy levels. Is it sad that our favorite coffee is from a gas station? 

Josh surprised me with Young House Love book on Friday while on our way to the new house! {Thoughtful Husband of the year award goes to…}
I have been obsessing over the YHL blog lately and was dying to get my hands on their book. It is every bit as fun and inspiring as I had hoped- I am excited to add some of their DIY projects on to my list anddddddddd to {hopefully} meet them on Feb 7 {come with us- more info here}!

It took no less than 3 trips to Lowes and Sherwin-Williams {each.} to finish anything. Does anyone really complete an entire project with only one trip? Don’t tell me if you do. 

Oh yeah…Mr M got in on the painting project too. Whoopsies! 
{No…that isn’t paint on his face…it’s gray hair.. it comes with wisdom}

I am SO excited about all of the little projects that we completed this weekend {plus a full house of freshly painted walls} and I just can’t wait to share them with you! 

Be on the look out for DIY project posts coming soon…..

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