To Buy or to DIY: Accent Pillows

The ultimate question…”I know I can make that but I could just buy it….”
I ask myself {and my mom & fiance} this question all of the time! 
The couch is a mega eyesore in the apartment and it isn’t in our immediate financial future to purchase a new one… So why don’t I give it a little “pillow talk” instead 😉
Cute look- as long as it’s still soft!


Will there be a day when I am sick of a monogram?


A lovely combo of rustic burlap and on-trend print


Bold! But what number do I choose? Hmmm….


How much do I love chevron? Oh, let me count the ways



Well geeze, this makes styling easy! 


My colors in perfect ikat harmony



Warning…there will probably be an “H” overload in our home. But I’m okay with that 🙂



So guys?! Do I bust out the sewing machine & hit the fabric store or send some love to etsy-ers with more time on their hands? Or could I be an Etsy-er??? Now the wheels are turning…
stay tuned
🙂 amc

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