reading and more reading

My incredibly thoughtful husband bought me a Kindle Fire for Christmas this year. Since then, me and the KF have logged serious one-on-one time. I flew through Gone Girl {read it read it read it} and am now on to a full-on blog obsession. 

Click the tab above to see a list of my favorite blogs that I seriously cannot.stop.reading. Young House Love—you are the reason I haven’t cleaned my room or gone to sleep at normal hours. Thank you. 

When I’m not engulfed in the rich and fabulous lives of others {i.e. jealousy takes over}, I skip over to Pinterest where I like to convince myself that ‘I too, can recreate that.’

The most perfect non-colors. The most perfect textures.
{La Dolce Vita}

If its up to me- grey isn’t going anywhere. I love that this bathroom features vintage tile but updated fixtures and wall coverings. Textured wallpaper + beadboard is a wall dream come true. 

Such a soothing wall color. Notice the wine jugs dipped in mercury glass for the fancy factor. 
{The Lennox}

The second IKEA announces they are back in stock- both of these throws will be mine! 
{Design Sponge}
Counting the moments until we meet again, Kindle
🙂 amch

p.s. what do you think of the new blog look? it’s a work in process. 


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