Friday Fattening & Sunday Strolling

For the FIRST time since we got engaged {engaged!!! Dec 8, 2011!!!} Josh and I had a weekend without a to-do list and without any plans. It was purely gorgeous. 

Friday night after an augh day, I came home to my sweet husband busy in the kitchen cooking us a fantastic meal. Isn’t he something! 

The gorgeous tenderloin wrapped in fresh rosemary and roasting low and slow until it reached the most perfect warm pink

 Incredible salad inspired by the Cafe at Pharr spinach salad. SO delicious! Yes, he even hardboiled two eggs and cooked bacon. 

Amazing meal! This picture does no justice. 
{p.s. that is homemade blue cheese sauce on top of the tenderloin. amaze}

After an indulgent Friday evening we were in no hurry to change the pace of the weekend come Saturday morning. We grabbed breakfast sandwiches from The Sugar Shack, went on a 2 mile run and spent the rest of the day decor blog reading {me}, football game watching {J} and napping on the couch. It was a glorious Saturday. Glorious!

By Sunday we were a bit stir crazy so we went on a window shopping extravaganza!!! We made up for our lazy Saturday and spent hours at Ikea, West Elm, Lowes and Target. Our 4 super happy shopping places 🙂 {maybe more for me than Josh…}. 

Anyways, there was so much that caught my eye but I didn’t think to snap any pictures until our last trip- Target. 

They just launched their spring decor lines for home & housewares. Wonderful bright colors full of energy and style. Some of the products:

This aisle just draws you in! The colors are vibrant and fun + great texture and the lines of the pieces are current and exciting. 

I am hoping the Starburst/Sunburst trend hasn’t died yet- becuase I have my eye on this beauty. I love the look of the reclaimed wood.

Another fantastic option with a slightly smaller price tag. Great color too. 

We were loving this rug! Fantastic texture and color combinations- possibly an inspiration peice for our living room. 

Fun wall art! Love the weathered wood color. 

Can you have too many baskets? 

Well kids, that was our weekend. 
🙂 amch


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