a reminder

Before October passes us by in a couple of hours, I have to take a moment or two to shout out to the many breast cancer survivors and warriors out there. 

Many of you know that my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer while I was in college, it was a big shock to our family and changed our day-to-day lives immediately. By the grace of God among other blessings, Mom is 5 years breast cancer free this year! Her story is amazing and a true testament to technological advancements, early detection and the strength in friends and family. 

Our family enjoys seeing America plastered in pink during the month of October, but to us and many many many people across the globe, every single day comes with a reminder of the fight, a reminder of the blessings and a hope for a healthier future. 

Congratulations to Mom and all other breast cancer survivors! Blessings & prayers to the strong women and men out there fighting every minute to beat breast cancer in their own lives and the lives of others. 

I love you Mom! 
{don’t cry}
🙂 amh


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