the prep-life

I am exhausted! Yesterday I googled and googled and researched and researched eating clean. I already know a ton about it; but what I wanted was a “road map” of what to cook when, and how to be insanely efficient while doing it! 

Enter “He and She Eat Clean“… a GEORGIA couple that blogs about their #EatClean lifestyle offering great shopping tips, recipes and the best part…prep suggestions! 

I took their Sunday Prep Day post/Our Daily Food post to heart and had my own Monday Prep Day last night! I have always heard of #EatClean-ers prepping to help them stay focused and ready throughout the week, and for the most part I adhered to this lifestyle by prepping snacks and breakfasts and sometimes even lunches. But this! This! is was all-out prep session! 

Last night I prepped:

  • Breakfast for 2 Weeks {me only}
  • Veggie Packets for 1 week {Josh and I}
  • Lunch + 1 Side Dish for 1 week {Josh and I}
  • Afternoon Snack for 1 week {Josh and I}
  • Dinner for 1 week {Josh and I}

Recipe reviews coming throughout the day! 
{I hope…}

prepped to win
🙂 amc


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