de-stress & post

Hello to this Tuesday that feels like a mucho stressful Friday. So happy to have tomorrow off and celebrate ‘Merica right! Also…so ready for today and all its stressful glory to be over
Now begins my de-stress “look at pretty pictures and post them” break:

This weekend Josh and I attended the wedding of our friends Courtney & Bryan! While it was BEYOND HOT- the location was gorgeous, the bride & groom were lovely and the reception was very fun! 
Frozen fruit on sticks- does it get more simple, gorgeous and refreshing?! Must-serve at the next summer party! 

I am a planner. I am a pusher. But more than that, I am faithful and believing in my Lord’s plan for my life. 

What I wouldn’t do for hardwood floors and walls. I love this set-up; very well styled!

Currently considering painting my white chair metallic gold…
Quite the sassy little thing! 


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