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I’ve been ALL ABOUT some wedding tasks this week! I am flying through this to-do list and having tons of fun doing so! 

All of my progress earned me this CRAZY CUTE mini cast iron pan! Thanks Mom, I can’t wait to make mini sized cobblers, omelets, corn breads and more! 

So very timely; today an email from Glitter Guide slid into my inbox and featured this precious gift idea! I know I will love my mini cast iron pan so much, that I will want to gift it to all my gals. 

So? What have I been up to lately that can be shared on the world wide web where no secret is kept hidden? Hmmm…..
The apartment has turned in to Invitation Station! 
My love for papers, fonts and graphical elements has made the journey to the *perfect invitation* a long and laborious one. But no fret friends, we are soooo almost there and I hope you love what I have come up with as much as I do! 
{I do! hehe}

And on an impulse, I got a real-live calligraphy set! 
We will see how this pans out… πŸ™‚ 
We also now have a flower girl! Josh’s precious niece will pave the way for me down the aisle. Can’t wait! 

Cheers to hoping I can keep this bridal momentum going! 

Plan, plan, plan, plan
πŸ™‚ amc

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