new in atlanta: proof & provisions

Reminiscing on tasty dinners from this past weekend is making my stomach growl. 

Josh & I had the wonderful opportunity to taste the menu from Proof & Provisions, the latest eatery to hit downtown Atlanta. Right across from the Fox theater and underneath the beautiful Georgian Terrace, Atlantans and tourists alike can try their hand at expertly created cocktails & bar snacks that kick traditional bar nuts and wings to the curb. 

{all of these AWESOME pictures are from the Twitter accounts of Jeff Moore & Elizabeth Moore}

Bar Snacks to be reckoned with: soft pretzels with creamy creamy white cheese dip, deviled eggs, hot dog in potato bun with homemade sauces, french bread pizzas and more. 

Killer cocktails. A vodka with soda water order is not welcomed here.
Try out the barrel aged cocktails: pre-made months in advance so that the flavors and liquors get to know each other real well. 🙂 

Next time you’re at The Fox. Skip the predictable and try something new at P&P

🙂 amc


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