date night: southern art

Lucky me- my fiance loves indulging in tasty food and trying out new restaurants as much as I do. This means plenty of date nights!

Southern Art, Buckhead

Hangin’ meat 😉 This is your first impression

Oh and this- a gorgeous marble table topped with delicious desserts

Ok….this was not an Eat Clean meal. This wasn’t even an attempt at healthy eating. It was an all-out “let’s try out this new place and indulge in southern food”. Here we go kids:

Of course we started with drinks. I opted for a cocktail bursting with the taste of fresh strawberries. It was succulent and refreshing. This place can concoct a good cocktail. 

Warm buttery biscuits. 
They were a nice balance between dense {i.e. filling} and flaky {as a biscuit should be}. 

A fun jar of pickled veggies. Not bad- but we’ve all had better. 
Kudos on the cute jar- but we’ve seen that before too. 

Fried Green Tomato Pickles with Alabama Pimento goat cheese and jalapeno pepper jelly
This was the star of the night- hot, crispy, flavorful. Top anything with goat cheese and/or pepper jelly and I will inhale it. Anything. 

Josh, the country boy, chose catfish and grits. He loved it! Perfectly breaded, precisely cooked and topped with a tasty green tomato apple relish with bacon. After months of clean eating. he was one happy boy. 

I outdid myself and went for the fried chicken. It was an all-day craving that I couldn’t kick- until this beauty landed in my lap {well on the table, I didn’t spill it}. What a heaping serving! I didn’t even waste my time with the green beans {sorry….}, too busy devouring the crispy and moist friend chicken breast. It was good! But was in need of some flavor…seemed low on spices, seasoning and salt. Come on people, layer on the flavor! Either way- I made a generous dent in this plate. 

Did I mention that in addition to this overwhelming amount of food that we tacked on a serving of mac and cheese? Imagine my surprise and delight when it was served in a precious mini cast iron pan and was made with WHITE cheese! Yellow cheese just isn’t my thing. The macaroni was the bomb. Tasty, creamy, hot.

So Southern Art, how do I rate thee? Well, you had a cute attempt at southern fare. The drink menu beat the food menu, but there were still plenty of options for those looking to taste the south on both menus. All around the food lacked on flavor, it just needed more of a seasoning HIT. The service was good and the atmosphere {ON THE PATIO!} was enjoyable. Would we have noticed or tried this place without a ScoutMob? Nope. Will we go back? Naw. 

If you want to really impress my country boy and this Atlanta-native; you just have to try a bit harder. Did I already mention adding more seasoning? Oh yeah…my bad. 

Give me a Pioneer Woman cookbook and a mind-set that ignores bikini season, and I can whip up a meal twice as tasty. 
{who wants to challenge me? 🙂 haha}

less art, more southern
🙂 amc

{Southern Art}


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