lift. tone. burn. SHAKE!

After months of intense curiosity, I finally tried a barre class! From time to time I struggle with jumpers knee which inhibits me from doing my go-to workouts like running and DVD’s. It really gets me down emotionally because I crave working out and don’t like to skip a day. So when barre classes promised that I wouldn’t be jumping around but that I would still get an amazing one-hour workout in, I had to try it out. 

To my knowledge, I have two studios to choose from in my area: Pure Barre or FlyBarre. I was instantly partial to FlyBarre because I have had such great experiences with FlyWheel; but Pure Barre came in a bit less expensive and offered a class that I could fit into my after-work schedule. 

I raced to the studio after work, switched into workout leggings and a loose fitting tank, slipped on {regular ole running} socks and nervously walked into the class room. The group consisted of all women, ages 25 to 40+, dressed in the same Lululemon uniform with specialty barre socks. “Oh expected! This is great! :)”

The 55 minute class begins with a warm-up session consisting of yoga like moves. Stretching, pushing, pulling, holding, planks and the like. I found myself front and center and was already sweating and stressing. “No turning back now!”

Next we grab our weights {2 pounders- so cute} and run through a burn out session on every muscle in the upper back and arms. Pulse pulse pulse, lift lift lift. BURNING! The moves were similar to routines I have experienced in Tone It Up videos and in FlyWheel with the bar. This session got me excited and confident- I know how amazing moves like that can be on your arms and it is exactly what I am looking for. “This hurts but this is aweeeesomeeee!”

Around this time in the workout I zoned out and really got focused. So it is slightly a blur, but the burn? That I remember crystal clear! 

We did a couple more sessions focusing on the rear, legs and abs on the floor mat, standing at the bar, seated at the bar, using the rubber ball, and using the band. In each session, the instructor leads you to tuck and tighten so much that your muscles are moved to a point where they are on fire and compulsively shaking.  I’ve experienced burn out sensations in my legs, rear and abs before, but the shaking was all new. And coupled with the intense burn, I almost couldn’t handle it! “This is insane! This is awesome! This hurts so bad! This is so totally working!” 

The last segment of the workout focuses on your abs, this is where it got tricky. I wasn’t always completely sure what we were being asked to do, but I know that once I attend more sessions, I will get the hang of it. Once our bodies were moved to a point of exhaustion we entered into the cool down session. Lights down, beautiful music on, do your splits. Wait, what?! Yeah, I can’t do that, but I sure did try- and that was fun!

The stretching that the instructor puts you through is amazing, I felt my body lengthening and leaning out. There were many times throughout the session that we would close our eyes and really focus in on the moves, the pulse and the burn. Even through the pain, this was somehow very therapeutic. 

At the end of the workout, I felt elated, taller, rested, zoned out and full of muscle exhaustion. “This is very much something I want to do again!”

Lucky for me, Josh made dinner last night so I slowly sipped on a Perfect Fit protein shake and enjoyed myself. 

This morning I woke up refreshed, sore and totally wanting to do it again!!!

So, who is in with me? Next class will be at FlyBarre so I can do a comparison ๐Ÿ™‚ 

let’s get the barreBURN
๐Ÿ™‚ amc


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