Because I know that deep down, you really do care what I did this weekend 😉

Tasty Eat Clean meals all week!!! Bought wild salmon for the first time- it actually has a different taste and texture. Has anyone else tried it? 

JAMM fam now will have clean carpets! We bought a SHARK vacuum. So very exciting! #IMustBeGettingOld

That fun new outfit made it’s debut. I just love the colors! 

Tess’ Wedding!!! The work girls and I traveled to the great city of Dalton for their social event of the season! 🙂 

with the beautiful bride and groom

My dress. If there is anywhere that you can wear a tutu, it is to the lovely Miss Tess’ wedding. 
Super cute details 

The girls! 

Sunday Funday “Let’s Paint Everything White” Day:

Silver sucks

OOOH la la! So much better! 
Will post pic of them completed soon
Check out this steal! $35 Goodwill dresser. Solid wood and in great condition
It got the white treatment! This is still a WIP {work in progress} but it has been dry brushed twice with “toasted almond” paint. Next up are drawer pulls- and they are amazing! Can’t wait to share! 

Cheers to another lovely week! 
🙂 amc


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