be styled

Every area of the house should have it’s own style and be styled. Bathrooms included. And no, matching toothbrush holders and soap dispenser do not count. 

Even small windows deserve big style

that is some gorgeous organization! 

This is the goal of the guest bathroom closet- attainable I think 

I love the idea of re-purposing furniture for bathrooms; once you coat it in a spa-like color it transforms to a perfect bathroom piece 

If these things didn’t cost $100+, I would have one in every room. 

Of course someone re-purposed a mason jar into a bathroom accessory. Didn’t see that one coming…. 🙂

Mom & Dad this in one of their bathrooms at the lake house. So super cute and useful. 

You can’t tell me those shelves above the toilet don’t look fantastic. So clean and polished and organized! 

Double panel shower curtain? I can go for that

A solution to cluttered counter tops

so easy to do on your own! 

you can best see the wall art via it’s reflection in the mirror. i love the look- very bathroom clean but upbeat 
p.s. those towels rock

even the bathroom deserves design love
🙂 amc


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