the spray treatment

The insta-makeover lies in the power of spray paint. 

Some projects I have been meaning to share:

Door Mat Wall Art

You saw it all over Pinterest. But could it really be done? And look decent? 
The answer is YUP!
Mom surprised me with a rubber floor mat {Josh was more than confused as to why I was so excited} and I wasted no time getting that sucker painted and on to the wall. 

I love how it looks! {color showed up strange thanks to instagram}
Mom has done a couple at the cottage and they also look fantastic!!! Once I succeed at convincing her to start a blog- you will be amazed! 
Burlap Memo Boards

Two old {or inexpensive} frames, glossy spray paint, scrap burlap and magnetic clips. 
Spray the suckers. Mount the burlap and {SUPER!} glue the clip
These make for a great place to showoff a recent picture, party invitation or even a to-do list! 

Instead of shelling out cash for new home decor details, take another look at what you don’t like and see if can be salvaged with a $3 insta-makeover. 

The 2 metal art pieces above the lamps were formerly rustic red, but a coat of champagne colored spray paint makes them perfect for the bedroom at a fraction of the cost of new decor. 

An old Goodwill frame got a facelift with some white spray paint and 2 coats of chalkboard paint. 

 Remember these spray-tastic projects?

our pride & joy kitchen table chair project 🙂
my first spray paint project. possibly still one of my favorites. A gaudy frame is now bright, bold and updated with fun glossy green spray paint. 

next up: lamps get the spray paint treatment

get it sprayed
🙂 amc


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