pedestal treats: a mind game to shoot down sugar

cravings happen. 

So how do I kick them? The past two weeks I have taught myself a genius little trick that hasn’t let me down yet! 

Natural Body spa serves an amazing treat, wait didn’t I already tell you this? Yes, yes I did. GINGER TEA! I’m talking about it again because it tastes amazing and is helping me shoot down sugar!

Find a *healthy* food that you actually really like and put it on reserve. Convince your mind that it is for special times only. Maybe it is pricey, maybe it is hard to find in stores, maybe it takes a lot of effort to make. Whatever it is, it can’t be too too accessible. Put it on a mind pedestal. 

Now, when you want a sweet treat or some other guilty {fake-food!} pleasure….think to yourself “Do I want this as bad as I want my pedestal treat?” The pedestal treat should be THAT GOOD! And the pedestal treat should have a quality about it which makes it so you can’t have it every day. 

My pedestal treat is Ginger Tea for a couple of reasons: it’s pricey, it’s only sold at specialty stores {inconvenient}, it takes time to make and to consume {cause it’s hot}. I keep one little packet of it on me at all times and I only reach for it when I really can’t stop thinking about a fake-food treat. 

What will your Pedestal Treat be? 

Some ideas….

Beginning a healthy lifestyle is a mind game.
🙂 amc

If you want to use my Pedestal Treat: the great and wonderful GINGER TEA! 
Visit a Natural Body spa or click here to purchase from Amazon
In case you needed more convincing…. 8 more reasons Ginger Tea ROCKS

1. Impedes Motion Sickness

Ginger tea can soothe nerves and prevent vomiting, as well as eradicate headaches and migraines. It also keeps you from being nauseous during a trip, so drink a cup of ginger tea before setting off on your travels.

2. Combats Stomach Discomfort

Ginger tea is ideal in assisting digestion, thereby improving food absorption and avoiding possible tummy aches from too much food intake. Unnecessary belching can also be thwarted by ginger tea. What’s more, ginger tea enhances your appetite when you’re feeling bloated, by helping to release gastric acids that aid in digestion.

3. Reduces Inflammation

Ginger tea can ease inflammation of the joints, which is commonly referred to as rheumatoid arthritis. It is also effective in alleviating tired, sore muscles and joints. A warm ginger tea soak can lessen swelling and puffiness. If you have athlete’s foot, ginger tea is recommended as a foot soak to lessen the painful burning sensation that comes with itching.

4. Fights Common Respiratory Problems

Drinking ginger tea is recommended if you’re suffering from common respiratory diseases such as cold and cough. Ginger aids in loosening up phlegm and expanding your lungs, so you can recover quickly from difficulty in breathing. It also helps appease allergies and constant sneezing due to hay fever.

5. Encourages Normal Blood Circulation

Consuming a cup of ginger tea can help improve blood flow, as well as help prevent chills, fever and excessive sweating. The active components of ginger, such as minerals and amino acids, help make the blood flow smoothly, preventing the onset of cardiovascular disease.

6. Remedies Menstrual Discomfort

If you are a woman suffering from menstrual cramps, try placing a hot towel drenched in ginger tea on your uterine area to overcome the pain and relax the muscles. Drinking a cup of ginger tea can also provide a soothing effect.

7. Strengthens Immunity

Ginger tea has antioxidants that help improve the immune system. Drinking a cup of ginger tea every day can also help foil potential risks of a stroke by inhibiting fatty deposits from clogging the arteries. Ginger has also been proven successful in lowering cholesterol levels and preventing cancer.

8. Relieves Stress

Taking a whiff of ginger tea can help improve your mood and give you a sunny disposition. It leaves you feeling refreshed and calm, and if you’re having a bad day, all those negative vibes will dissipate. Ginger tea is a remarkable stress reliever because of its comforting and relaxing scent.

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